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International Jury Announcement

A four-time EMMY winning composer, audio director, music supervisor and guitarist, Patrick de Caumette creates original scores internationally, serving the film, TV, video game and advertising industries. Patrick has produced soundtracks for, among others, Walt Disney, ABC, Comcast, Canal +, UbiSoft, SYFY, and USA Network.

Born in France, currently residing in Philadelphia, Patrick de Caumette studied music at the Berklee College of Music (Berklee Faculty Award 1984). As an audio director, Patrick oversees all aspects of audio for media: score, dialog, sound design and music supervision. His ability to deliver soundtracks in a wide variety of genres and cultures has made him the go-to composer for many industry professionals. Emotion, modernism, tradition, and a flair for world cultures and period music are his trademarks of choice.

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