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About The Camille Awards

Selection Process

How do we select our Nominees?

The selection process of the Camille Awards – European Film Composer Awards takes place in three stages:

  1. The nomination
    The ECSA FFACE Committee, representing twelve delegations from fourteen European organisations, is in charge of the nomination process. Each delegation nominates one composer per category.
  2. The pre-selection
    Delegates from these organisations then proceed to a first round of votes, reducing the number of nominees to three per category.
  3. The final Selection
    In the third and final phase, an international jury of renowned composers elects their favourite piece of work in each category.

The requirements per categories

  • Best Orchestral Score
    Any score recorded by art/classical/contemporary orchestra ensemble of classical instruments.
  • Best electro-acoustic score
    Any score which is predominantly realised by electronic and/or acoustic instruments or ensembles from outside the tradition of traditional orchestral instrumentation. Entries in this category may include music scored for and realised by an orchestra, but this must not comprise the majority of the overall score.
  • Best original music for a series
    Any score made for the use in an original European fictional series.

The Members of the ECSA FFACE Committee

BASCA – British Academy of Songwriters, Composers & Authors and PCAM – Producers and Composers of Applied Music (United Kingdom)
BCMM – Beroepsvereniging Componisten MultiMedia (The Netherlands)
BFM – Brancheklubben for Film- og Mediekomponister (Denmark)
BSCG – Belgian Screen Composers’ Guild (Belgium)
CC – Composers’ Club and DKV – Deutscher Komponistenverband (Germany)
FMC – Finnish Music Creators (Finland)
Musimagen (Spain)
NOPA – Norwegian Society of Composers & Lyricists (Norway)
ÖKB – Österreichischer Komponistenbund (Austria)
SKAP – Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers & Authors (Sweden)
UCMF – Union des Compositeurs de Musique de Film (France)