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About The Camille Awards

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About The Camille Awards

The Camille Awards – European Film Composer Awards are a set of awards given to composers of exceptional pieces of film and audio-visual music.

The next edition of the Camille Awards will take place in February 2021. One exceptional work will be awarded in each of the following three categories: “Best Orchestral Score”, “Best Electro-acoustic Score” and “Best Original Music for a Series”. The selection process has already started in mid-May.

Stay tuned for more information!


The last edition of the Camille Awards took place on 3rd February 2020 at Théâtre du Vaudeville in Brussels in collaboration with the Creators Conference 2020.

In this special edition of the Camille Awards, differently from the previous ones, a “Lifetime Career Achievement” award was presented to prominent Academy Award winning film composer Ennio Morricone.